Sunday, September 29.

Have spent the last few days packing 23 boxes and preparing Bess for her trip home. We have accumulated some ….. over the last five years.

Bess packed up, ready for her trip to Southampton.

Saturday we headed off to London with Sarah & Lynton for a comedy show at Covent Garden. Hilariously funny night.

Spent Sunday wandering around the Coal Dump area at Kings Cross. Looked through the restored hotel at St Pancras Station first.

One of the many restaurants.

Truely magnificent interior.

The farewell statue in the station/hotel forecourt.

Video of the figures around the base of the sculpture.

Walk along Regency Canal.

The marvellous Kissing Lips building.

Highlight of the Coal Dump area.

Great use of retired gasometers.

If only they could talk.

Apartments and offices built in place of the old tanks.

Mirrors used to great effect.

They look familiar.

Kids at play on the fountain.Very interesting lift button.These are great chairs. Very comfortable.The Islington Tunnel on the Regency Canal.

Bookshop canal boat.

Lunch in Camden Passage.

Wouldn’t you know it, a wool shop.

Think they have a vine problem.

Finally a different manhole cover.

Lovely looking vintage SAAB.

Bus back to Kings Cross where we sadly said farewell to Sarah & Lynton. They have a three hour drive back to Nettleton, we have a fifty metre walk to our motel. I know which I would rather.

Great friends, bloody slave drivers, but now they will be able to enjoy the extensions without worrying about what to do next.

We fly out tomorrow at 12.10 pm, on our way home. Starting to get cold and dark here, so time to chase the sunshine.

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