Monday, September 30.

Left hotel at 7.30 am, and walked the 300 yards to Kings Cross Station for the one hour tube trip on the Piccadilly line to Heathrow.

9.40 am, self check in, through security and having breakfast. Just wait now for 12.10 flight to Perth. 17 hours straight through, will be interesting.

Another trip coming to a close. England, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France. Not a bad effort, and able to share with brother Phil and neighbour Linda,(again), and with our lovely friends, Sarah and Lynton, as well as the wonderful village people, Jules and Harry, Chas and Lucy, Jo, Marcus and Jenni, Will and Annelise.

Thank you all for making us part of your village.

Ride home.

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