Monday, September 23.

Spent the weekend at Sarah’s uncle Pete and Aunty Chris, at Maldon in Essex. Have been looking forward to this for years. Pete runs a business which specialises in building rally and Pykes Peak cars. Pete also built all of the late Colin McCrae’s world rally cars.

Current build, from the ground up, is a Sierra Cosworth being built to 1983 specs for historic touring cars. Total cost, around £300,000.

This is what £40,000’s and 865 bhp looks like.

Another in the livery, The Ken Block Sierra. Whole car is wrapped in lasting. Pete says that the position, size and orientation of each sponsors logo has to be millimetre perfect to get the best camera angle.

One of Ford’s Sierra factory rally cars.

This is what we came to look at. The one off, Sierra RS200, Pykes Peak car. This car puts out 1050bhp at sea level, and 680bhp at 14500 feet at the top of Pykes Peak. Due to the huge climb the driver has to use oxygen on the way up. This is the first British car to break the outright record up the mountain. Cost, a mere £850,000.

The happy knitter.

Would need to know what you were doing.

Would it fit in the Sprite?

Not so modern, a 1954 Lagonda, used by Fangio as his daily drive.


What an amazing experience. So lucky to be able to visit.

Sunday we went for a ride on the black water

Sarah standing by photos of her great and grand fathers. The persons nearest Sarah I each photo.

Definitely low tide.

Disused Bradwell-on-Sea nuclear power station. Will take till 2086 at least to decommission.

Long step to the water.

Loch entrance.

Going up the channel.

And they’re racing. Rubber Duckie challenge.

Now this is what to do with a mobility scooter.

Canal boat anyone?

These are in a back yard.

Old wooden fisherman’s lodgings.

Yacht waiting to be lowered to sea level.

Another qualification, Loch Operator.

Yacht at sea level.

Local at the Loch. Great ales.

Fossilised ferns in Pete and Chris’s patio.

Visited the Temple Barns at Cressing, which were built by the Knights Templar’s around 1200.

Fire pit which pre dates the 1200’s.

Massive and beautiful workmanship inside.

As it once was, now it must be. Why change nature?


Poor buggers still working.

Interesting abutment on the garden wall.

Hard at it.

Who goes there?

The principles of the construction. Basic geometry. Draw a circle, divide the circumference by six, parallel lines through the squares and there you have it.

In the carpenters shop.

Inside the walled garden.

Patience is a virtue.

Great weekend, said our farewells and headed back to Nettleton.

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