Friday, September 20.

Yes, we are still alive, not lost, been very busy and still finding time to play tourist.

The last month has been a tad hectic. Sarah and Lynton went back to Aus to celebrate Lynton’s mums 90th birthday. She had been struggling and slowly going down hill. With all her family around her she decided that it was time. Party was cancelled and the family prepared for the inevitable.

Sarah had to fly back for work on the 25th August, with Lynton staying on in Aus. Edith passed away whilst she was in the air. We collected Sarah from Heathrow, headed back to Nettleton to make plans to return for the funeral.

Sarah returned to Aus for two days, to attend the funeral, and we continued to house sit, whilst speeding up renovations.

Stormwater done!

Tiling in kitchen completed.

Not all work. Headed up to Pickering to do waiting at the annual Cancer Morning Tea at Betty’s. Been doing this for the last four years and they usually raise around £2,500.

Caught up with Sarah’s dad, Mike and Shirley. Team in Aus turned out to farewell Edith.

Collected Sarah from Newark, while Lynton remained in Aus to sort out his mums estate. Could take a while.

Continued with Reno. Start on the decking.

With Su finishing of the painting.

Will and Annelise next door, supervising.

Went with Jenny andMarcus Plume, Perry’s friends, to catch up with motorcycle whiz, Guy Martin, and the Wall of Death at Kirmington.

Guy turns up on his pushbike.

Ken Fox shows how it is done.

Now it’s Guys turn. He had not done it for two years since he broke the world speed record for riding the wall, 86 mph.

Guys sister on the handlebars.

Ken showing it can be done on four wheels.

Look mum no hands.

Now it’s crowded.

Great stuff. Walk across to Guy’s pub, The Kirmo, for refreshment. The place was rocking.

Lots of memorabilia from his racing days.

John McGuire and Guy, hard at it.

Seats in the beer garden.

Interesting urinals.

Tad crowded, so off to the Sali for dinner. Great Irish group playing.

Another day and the deck needs finishing. Last board.

The golden screw, last one.

Deck works.Su finished inside also.

First supper.

Steps now on the deck. Not quite finished.Friendly pheasant.Sarah’s family over for lunch on the weekend.

We attended Rotary at Market Rasen.

Do I have to divide this into eight?

Clover leaf on top of my Guinness.

Interesting knocker.

That’s it, deck done and dusted.

Whee, only guttering to go.

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