Sunday, August 18.

On the road again today, south, as from here there is not many other directions to go. We have had a great five days staying with Harry and Julie. What a fantastic environment. We were going to go via Kelvin Castle, west of Glasgow. This is the family castle of one of Su’s sewing friends in Shepp. We decided not to as it was a little out of our way, so we punched home on the sat nav, and settled in for the 10 hour drive south.

There is a road/goat track on the rock face, which we have just come down. One just preys there is no one coming the other way, especially on bends.

Now that at least resembles a road.

Not the only one on the road today. Scottish schools go back tomorrow.

Travelling along the side of Loch Assynt.

Ullapool in the distance.

Cruise liner in port.

Craignethan Castle, near Kirkmuirhill.

Transformers on the roadside. Thought they were only in cartoons.

Actually a heavy lift crane.

Rest of trip to Nettleton was in the dark and photos are hard to take. Arrived in Nettleton with sore butts and a rad tired.

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