Thursday, August 15.

Heading today to Achiltibuie, on Badentarbat Bay, for lunch.

That view out the lounge window has changed again.

Stopped off at Achnahaird for a walk.

Waves and white sand, even in Scotland.

The results of natures work.

The dogs and Harry taking the plunge.

Panorama of the beach.

Those legs have not seen the sun for a while.

White building is Stoer Lighthouse across the water.

Guess the tide was out.

We are surrounded by this rugged landscape.

View from the Summer Isles Hotel, at Achiltibuie, where we had lunch.

Yes, they are the Summer Isles across the bay.

Great lunch and company. It is great being driven around for a change and being able to look more closely at the scenery.

Headed home, back over the windy and narrow roads. Photographic exploits are now in print. Harry was interviewed for an article and needed a photo.

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