Wednesday, August 14.

First up this morning, take the dogs for a run on the beach in Clashnessie Bay.

Breakfast and then a drive to the Stoer Head Lighthouse.

You can actually rent the lighthouse like a B&B.

Great scenery.

Let’s sit on the rocks.

Just like the birds.

Stone bridge at Lochinver.

Headed of to check out the old salmon station at Clachtoll.

Head bone a jaw bone of a fin whale at Clachtoll.

Check out the size of the blowhole.

Lovely sandy beach. Lots of seaweed from the storms and high seas last week.

The old salmon netting.

The ice house.

Poles for drying the salmon nets.

Looking west from the salmon house.

Pretty flowers growing wild.

Split rock, which used to be an arch bridge.

Photo of split rock in the bakery at Lochinver in stormer times.

History of the McLeods in the area.

Salmon fisherman gone off.

Headed into Lochinver for a wee lunch before heading home. Spotted this in the carpark. Has a radiator.

The ever changing scenery from the lounge.

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