Friday, August 16.

Quiet day today before heading to Kylesku for dinner. The road to Kylesku is very narrow, winding and steep, and unsuitable for Motorhome or caravans. We travelled the yellow road from Stoer to Kylesku. The chevrons mean very steep.

This is the good bit.

Looking over the bay at Drumbeg.

The clear water outside the pub at Kylesku.

The gang, happy to have arrived.

Bit more of that god stuff while we were having dinner.

Food is that good, even one of the locals dropped in.

The Kylesku pub. Not big, but the hospitality and food are great.

Heading home over the rugged landscape.

Saw a lot more locals on the trip home. Feeding by the roadside. Just majestic. Sue Daws would have said, food.

Seen a lot of animal signs in our travels, but not a pig.

Had some great news tonight that my mum, at 86, had received a Paul Harris Fellow. Not bad considering she is not in Rotary. Well done mum.

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