Sunday, July 21.

Given it was so close, we opted for a short drive to Luxembourg for the day.

Interesting architecture here too.

This young fellow was playing on the way to the town square.

Surprise, there was a brass band playing in the square where we were having lunch.

Interesting tower on the cliffs at the bastion walls.

Happy tourists.

Gardens on the bastion walls.

Their equivalent of the state bank.

Castle across the gorge from the city.

Another interesting design.

Their opera house.

The EU money managers building.

Interesting tram stop shelter.

Installation to the importance steel has played in Luxembourg.

Dom and Denice, remember this shopping centre from 2015?

Cute houses in the old style.

Rail viaduct across the gorge. Note the walls of the barbican in the distance.

Happy little Chappy.

The golden girl statue, representing freedom.

The power and heating station for the whole of Luxembourg.

The tall man statue represents the importance of banking in Luxembourg.

Not sure what this is supposed to represent.

Would need a big butt to fill this chair.

The viewing tower from afar.

Looking down into the gorge which surrounds the old city.

Spotted this in the campground. This is what you do with your old Citroen horse when it past it’s use by date, turn it into a camping car!

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