Friday, July 19.

Another look around Gent this morning before heading off to Brussels.

Great work on the facade.

Interesting cafe.

Lots of these brass plaques on the pavement. Not sure what they mean.

A wander through St Nicholas church. Great alter, marble must have been cheap.

Likewise with the pulpit.

A pair of fantastic windows.

Nothing gothic about this. Solid as a rock.

This is the back of the alter.

These were being set up in one of the villa aides. Food for thought.

Morning tea and then off to Brussels.

In Brussels, jumped on the bus for a look around.

Lots of glass in the newer area.

Brussels twin towers.

Sarah, check out the name on the building. Any jobs going here?

The man made canal connecting Brussels to the North Sea.

The gates to the royal palace.

Memorial opposite the palace gates. More to follow.

The Brussels Omnium. More about this tomorrow after we visit it.

Second largest catholic cathedral in Europe.

Art nouveau at its best.

What most people come to Brussels to see.

Then others come to not only see this.

A pilgrims post at the entrance to the square.

We had forgotten how magnificent these buildings in the square really were, having been here in 2015.

Where better to have dinner, at the same restaurant, before calling it a day.

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