Thursday, July 18.

Just a 45 minute drive to Gent this morning. Only staying one night as the camp ground is booked out for two weeks for the Gent festival.

Onto the shuttle bus for the 2km ride to the town centre.

Trams run, even in the narrow cobblestone streets.

Wish we could grow them like this at home.

Well look at that. Who would have thought?

The spite of St Bavos Cathedral. The sign says that security cameras will operate during the festival.

St Nicholas’s Church, built in the early 12th century.

The town hall. This schizophrenic building has two faces. The late Gothic style from the early 26th century on one side and the younger renaissance wing, 1559-1618, on the other side.

View looking down the main canal, which connects to the cast and England.

Don’t ask me why a pink elephant is on top of the building. Obviously there for the festivities. Perhaps it is to stop too much drinking. If you can see the pink elephant, you have had too much.

Looking towards the town hall. Amazing buildings.

The stage is visible on the left, and the bars ect are being built on the river on barges.

Off for a river cruise. Riverside view of the giant butchers hall.

Former stores line the river.

That Flemish gable is obvious on some of the buildings here.

This small building, squashed in between the stores, is actually the offices of the former tax collector for the port.

More lovely buildings.

And more.

This really shows the gables well.

Former alms houses, now a museum.

Gondolas from Indonesia. Can’t answer that question.

Peaceful, looking back towards town.

Another view of the giant butchers hall.

They come in a variety of colours.

The last wooden building left in Gent.

The castle of the counts, is the only medieval fortress in Flanders with its defence system virtually intact. The building dates back to the Romans..

Floating down the river on a Thursday afternoon.

The bridge of Imperial Pleasures, was built across the Lieve in 2000, and features sculptures by Walter de Buck, which refer to various legends relating to the life of Charles V.

St Antoniuskaai, the home of the prestigious guild of arquebus shooters and cannoneers.

The lock gates and the last remaining section of the medieval wall.

Interesting sign holder outside a restaurant.

The street side of the giant butchers hall.

Inside the butchers hall.

Young accordion street performer.

Rubbish bins in Europe now are clear plastic bags. Reason? So bombs cannot be placed in them.

Lovely street view.

Young lass on the harp.

For those who have not been to Europe. This is a three stand urinal. No walls, just trot up and do your bit.

Big cannon. This cast iron giant weighs 12,500kg, and dates back to 1431.

They just loved colour.

Carpark underneath the medieval square.

These guys have an unusual story. Notice the rope around one chaps neck. They are known as noose carriers. Read below to see why.

The City Pavilion, has a striking roof structure, spans 40 metres and contains 1,600 small windows.

This is a tandem with a difference. Check the position of the rear seat.

St Batho’s Cathedral. The cathedral houses the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. The painting by Hubert van Eyck, is arguably the most influential painting in history, and is the most frequently stolen art work of all time.

The painting is 4.4 m x 3.4m, and painted on oak.

Inside the cathedral. Money was not an issue. Thought we were in Rome again. Marble everywhere.

This is the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb. Unfortunately it was not here. No, not stolen. It was away at the museum being restored.

Another of Van Eyck’s works.

Statue to the Van Eyck brothers at the rear of the cathedral.

More shots of the lovely buildings lining the river front.

Flowers as far as you can see.

Interesting adornment over a doorway.

We need these at home. Electric, hop on, hop off wherever you want for free. We did a couple of laps.

Snapshot across the river towards the old town.

Someone has a sense of humour. Free standing urinal in front of a standing sculpture of a roll of toilet paper.

Just a lovely sight.

These signs were outside an antique dealers shop.

Great door handle.

Clouds rolling in, looks like it may be time for dinner.

Dinner over, jumped back on the shuttle bus for camp after a great day in Gent. Might have to come back here again.

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