Wednesday, July 17.

Off today to check out the markets, and look at a couple of cathedrals and museums.

Just when you thought you had seen everything, something else comes along. This is a self serve bread vending machine. Put your money in, select your type of bread, and wallah. Just like a drink vending machine.

Some people are very clever. This lot sell cooked chickens. This was on the end of the truck.

Anyone for cheese.

Here is the chickens. This was in a semi trailer.

Who said the Dutch were the only ones who could grow flowers. Check this lot out.

Fruit and veggies.

Everyone came on a bike I think.

Don’t see many of these anymore. An 1100/4.

Crowd in the square. Girls are sampling the cherries.

St Saviours cathedral.

Great fan vaulting.

Not a bad pulpit.

Choir stalls.

Great carving.

Interesting misericordiae.

No trouble hearing this organ.

One of the many tapestries hanging in the church.

Saint Eloi reliquary.

Beautiful stained glass.

Decorative ceilings.

Charles the Good reliquary.

Next stop chocolate and morning tea. First the chocolate shop.

Then morning tea, pavlova and hot chocolate. Only one Glen.

Now off to Notre Dame cathedral for a special moment. All in red brick.

Another fan vaulted ceiling in bare brick.

One powerful organ. The building really resonated whilst it was being played.

Craftsmanship in those times.

These are old.

Whoever carved these must have had the patience of a saint.

More great handy work.

Great glass.

Outstanding paintwork on this column.

Now I imagined that tombs contained something. It’s not just the spirits that have risen.

More great woodwork on the confessionals.

This just invites you to touch it.

Suppose you have all been wondering what the special thing was? Here goes. It is the only piece of his work to leave Italy during his lifetime. Who is he? Michaelangelo, and the statue, Madonna and Child.

This is just amazing. We have seen many of his works in Italy on previous travels, but this is superb. Worth the wait.

Next stop, the Gruuthusemuseum, which was formerly a private house for the well to do.

Check out the lock mechanism on this chest. I counted 10 locks.

Not for me.

They love St George.

Must have been a fashion statement at the time.

Much of the following is self explanatory.

More stairs.

Clothing and jewellery from the 1700’s.

We all knew she was a saint. Here is living proof.

The private chapel which looks into Notre Dame cathedral.

On the balcony outside the chapel, overlooking the gardens.

More stairs.

More lovely wooden sculptures.

Quaint building joint two others.

They even think of the kids in the square.

All wooden bike outside the shoe shop.

Flash shoes.

What you do when you retire from tennis.

This signifies a bike path. One wonders if you are looking for these, how come there are not more bike accidents.

Architects office. Wonder what the locals thought with a modern design in their street?

Monkey puzzle tree on way back to camp.

Hope this means look out for children playing.

A great thre day in Brugge. Off to Ghent in the morning.

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