Tuesday, July 16.

Of for a day of site seeing. Short walk to the bus stop.

Church at the bus stop in Jebekke.

Into the town square. Linda saw the horses so off for a ride in style.

Interesting hand rail

Do we have to do this? It’s not far to walk. Looks like Hans is driving.

It’s only one horsepower. How fast do you think it can go?

Wouldn’t you know it, canals.

Not sure about the sign or the arrow. Could it mean, no more prayers!

Peak hour.

And more canals.

Stopped at a convent, but they could not stay as you need to be totally silent, 34 hours a day. As if.

Finally spotted a new manhole cover.

Not for horses, humans.

Quaint architecture, with the Flemish gables.

Post card stuff.

Very ornate. Turns out it is the Freemasons Lodge. They are all this colour in Europe, as opposed to our blue.

Magnificent stonework.

Close up.

They found a Christmas shop.

Templar house, now a restaurant.

No prizes for guessing when this was built.

Spotted canal boats, so yep that’s next on the agenda.

We are sailing, mind your heads.

Not that one Linda, it’s behind you.

Tired looking statue.

Canal winds it’s way through town.

They still have some wooden buildings from the 1700’s.

This is a table in a beer garden that I have visited on two previous occasions. Will take the girls there later for a surprise.

Cruise over we continued our meandering.

Stopped at the previous mentioned pub. Has over 900 beers.

Cute Vespa.

Sample of some of the ales available.

Bit hard to believe.

Send up outside the toilets, of a famous statue in Brussels.

Next two videos are why we came. Best hand basins I have ever seen.

Bet you haven’t seen that before. Third time I’ve seen them and I am still amazed.

Wouldn’t be Brugge without checking out some chocolate shops. These are all chocolate.

Tools anyone?


Girls checking out the tools.

Linen is the other big winner in Belgium. Yep they found one of those shops too. Check out the magnificent facade, with the old lady bobbin lacing in the upstairs window.

There just happened to be a Salvador Dali exhibition, so in we went. He is rather left field, but his art/sculptures are brilliant, as are his quotes. Dali is famous for his limp clock paintings and sculptures.

Too many to include all, here is a sample.

That was amazing. We have seen many of the masters over the last few weeks. Truely blessed.

Off for a mini bus tour around the old city before dinner.

Cute little character.

The mayors palace. Might try for his job.

Back in a minute Gaz, need to spend a penny, or in this case, a marble. That was the token to access the loos.

These aussies were playing kick to kick in the courtyard. What a speckie!

Interesting facade.

Alms houses.

More of those gables.

Narrowest street in Brugge.

Check out the cobbled streets. All over town.

Local fish markets.

Colour is the order of the day with these Flemish gables.

Statue outside one of the many churches.

This is the tower of the archers guild, except they use crossbows. It still operates today, and all royalty are active members.

They do have windmills in Brugge, four to be precise and all are still working.

Church at the end of the street has an Islamic style to it.

Ornate lintel work.

Well it is thirsty work this tourist stuff, and when in Belgium, do as the Belgium’s do.

The afternoon sun definitely brings out the colours.

Nine thirty at night. What a great day for it.

Ursula, thought you might like this. On our walk to the bus terminal.

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