Monday, July 8.

After a couple of days rest, including a BBQ at Perry’s on Sunday, we headed across the Humber Bridge to the ferry port at Hull, to catch the overnight ferry to Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

On board, fed and watered. Happy campers.

Leaving the UK behind.

Immingham fuel terminals.

Old Grimbsy port control power.

Looking back over term towards Immingham.

Apologies for the poor picture, but this is the wind farm off the coast at Hull. 78 plus turbines on a sandbar in the sea.

Our tub is substantial. Taken from deck 12.

Papa Joes at Cleethorpes, in the fading light. This is the largest fish and chip shop in the UK. More like a restaurant

Wind farm repair boat returning to port.

Steady as she goes Linda.

Looks like a flat sea tonight.


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