Tuesday, July 9.

Off the ferry at Rotterdam and set the sat nav for camp ground in Amsterdam. Wouldn’t you know it, it is the same ground we stayed at in 2015. Very handy to the metro and only 25 minutes to the city centre.

This was parked opposite us in the campground.

Five minute walk to the metro and off to town. First thing Linda noticed were the number of push bikes, and the three storey bike park.

Jumped on the bus for a look around.

The geological museum.

Rather palatial.

Not sure what this sign actually meant, but it tickled the fancy.

Lots of buildings look the same.

Then you see some curved ones.

Every family needs one of these.

One of the many lift bridges to accommodate higher boats.

Interesting apartment building.

Most buildings are only four stories high and the windows get smaller, the higher you go. This gives the optical illusion of the building being higher than it actually is.

One of the many canals.

Arts centre partly obscured by a barge.

Central station.

Central station from the street side.

One of the many river cruisers moored in the port.

Music and theatre complex.

New international terminal.


The three main canals.

Stopped in at the Gasson diamond works.

Could have this for around $15,000.

Some of the old tools.

Now this was a rock.

A 57 facet brilliant cut diamond on the right and a Gasson 121 cut diamond on the left.

The different stages in cutting a diamond.

Climbed aboard a river cruiser for a trip via canal back to the station.

Bridges, bridges and more bridges.

Not sure what the statue was for.

Magnificent facade.

New use for a clog.

Check out how much these buildings are out of alignment.

Yep, another bridge.

Art museum.

Recreation of the sailing ship, Amsterdam.

Largest Chinese floating restaurant in the world.

Canal which flowed under the restaurant where we had dinner.

No pussy bums on the menu girls.

Sun getting low, time to catch the metro home.

Are we there yet?

Great first day in Amsterdam.

Off to the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM

  1. Hello you two,
    your blog is really awesome, I will follow you. It’s nice that we meet each other. Greetings Anja


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