Friday, July 5.

Thought we would visit another stately home, just for a change. Imposing facade.

This door was meant to either keep you out or in, and has been doing either for quite a while.

Haven’t seen this knocker before.

This has to be the biggest magnolia flower I have ever seen. At least 250mm across.

Here’s a job for someone.

Some great pieces of furniture.

This is a Staircase! Full of carving.

Couple of shop signs from Italy. From outside a locksmiths.

Nice carriage clock.

Now this is an interesting ceiling.

One of the many tapestries.

Section of a Chinese screen.

Just a little mantle over the fireplace.

Anyone for dinner.

Ye old kitchen.

Screen using book covers and posters.

One of the posters. Who wouldn’t want to win this.

Another view of the staircase.

Another tapestry.

Bathroom under repair.

In a three hundred room house there has to be lots of bedrooms.

A pair of Poussins. Venice and not sure.

The library, holding over 12,000 books.

Outside is immaculate also.

A couple of Gainsborough’s.

Finished inside, time for a walk around the gardens.

This way, no that way.

The acropolis at the end of the garden.

Sitting under the trees at a camp circle.

After an exhausting game of croquet, what else do you do?

This is inside the Yew hedge. Been there a while.

Off to Nettleton for Dinner at the Sali with friends.

Marcus and Jen.

Sarah and Linda.

Su and Lynton.

Linda doing the park run at Market Rasen on Saturday morning.

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