Thursday, July 4.

Headed off to Holkham Hall to see how the other half live. The 9th Earl of Leicester and his family still live here. The house has over 300 rooms.

Foyer, what a welcome.

Brilliant table.

Love a door latch.

Now this is a bed. Royal suite.

And bath.

Just a Vandyk.

Must be the maids.

Spotted these two, they look familiar.

Fountain in the back yard.

The library.

This is actually a mosaic. Try 400BC.

Just a Rubens.

And a Gainsborough.

Every house needs a chapel.

This is really the royal suite.

Thought I would slip in a Raphael.

Mosaic on a table top. The pieces are about 3mm, the same as in the lion wall hanging previously.

The beds just keep on coming.

Lovely chest of drawers.

Beautiful tapestries.

Front foyer. Marble anyone?

This is a kitchen for mass production.

The walled garden.

Great little coffee wagon.

The walled garden contents, all six acres of it. For all you flower and plant it’s. How many can you name?

How it used to be done.

I counted 30 points.

Long way to get ice. About half a mile from the house

Looking over his estate.

The wash opposite the house. At high tide it is covered.

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