Wednesday, July 3.

Yep, off today to visit Lizzie’s summer residence for a bit of a look around. She said she wouldn’t be there but it was ok to drop in for tea and scones.

A visit to the church everyone sees on tv. Quite small actually.

We could all learn from this.

Waiting for queenie or to arrive.

Ye old Royal church.

Who is she trying to kid?

Spanish silver from the 1400’s.

Magnificent art work.

Very ornate carvings on the pews.

Spanish silver as well.

The queen and family sit here.

In memory of Queens parents.

Military memorial to King George.

Door used by the Queen to enter the chapel. Sorry girls, only the Queen.

Around the estate looking at the beautiful gardens.

Hard to get photo, no one in it.

The back door, which is actually the front door when the Queen is here.

Some of the children’s scale model cars.

Inside the old news.

Anne’s house on the estate.

Selection from the galley and kitchen.

Fine old furniture.

Tools from the former cabinet making school.

For all the car nuts. Some of the car collection.

Just a little old.

Early gophers.


At the gates to the stables.

Some of the lovely gardens.

Father Time.

Happy Budda.

Happy Budda plus two.

Even corgis come to an end.

Carvings in the kids park.

I dis say kids park.

Back to camp to watch the sun set on the wash in Norfolk.

Even the seals got in on the act.

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