Thursday, June 20.

Today we caught the Jacobite Express from Fort William to Malaig on the coast, and return. For all you younger ones, the Harry Potter Express. This train has been used in some of the movies.

Pretty fancy.

First class without a table.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct. All of a mile long.

Stop at the station for a wee break.

And change transport.

The Glenfinnan valley.

Shots around Malaig harbour. This bloke has a task ahead of him.

Phil, can you see that?

Oops, head in.

Neptune’s Staircase on the way back into Port William. A series of lochs that raise the boats from one canal to the next.

Went to look for the stained glass window Belinda but it was locked again.

Main Street of Port William.

Not sure whether this character was brave or nuts.

Sunset at Cairnryan at 11.00pm, waiting to board the ferry for Ireland.

Sea looks flat, should be a good night for sailing.

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