Tuesday, June 18.

Awoke this morning to otters in the marina but they are too fast for old photographers. Headed back into Lerwick today to catch the ferry back to Aberdeen in Scotland.

Islands major oil and gas refinery.

One of the three airports. This one houses the coast guard choppers. They are huge.

Su just had to visit the textile museum.

All inside this little building.

Here’s a challenge. This fence is wrought iron.

This chair was presented to the Shetland hand weavers by the hand weavers from New Zealand.

A selection of pieces from Bess who was a founding member of the Shetland hand weavers.

An award winning horse.

Shots of Lerwick leaving the harbour.

Goodbye Lerwick.

Looks a tad Scandinavian.

Church always on the highest spot.

Our for an afternoon row.

Viking ship seen in a previous blog.

Sunshine on the water as we leave.

What looks like low cloud is actually fret, or sea mist. It rolls in and out very quickly.

The Stevenson’s lighthouse at Stromberg. The southerly tip of the Shetlands. We walked up there earlier this week to see the puffins.

Happy campers/sailors. Two down, time for dinner.


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