Monday, June 17.

No comment, this was a sign on the way to the ferry.

Now he is a big boy.

Ferry at Toft disgorging it’s load.

All done.

Our turn now.

Reaches the other side. Time to get off.

On to the village of Burravoe to visit the Old Haa museum.

Statue outside the museum.

Selection from the museum.

Interesting concept.

Propellor blade from the Catalina that crashed on the island during the war.

The Old Haa, built in 1672.

Workers would not have been happy. My guess lamb was on the menu that night.

Another hill.

This is the rock they hit.

Next stop , the North Pole.

Strange sculpture in the middle of nowhere.

Any experts in Shetland dialects? Pretty straight forward.

This is such a sad story. Generations gone missing in one foul swoop.

This is where she is looking. Our most northern point reached in the Shetlands.

Mother ship fishing boat. Neilsen’s, it was originally from Trondheim.

Big piece of rock.

Most Northern church in Scotland.

Huge cliffs on the mainland.

Not a very encouraging sign. Everybody knows speed will result in a belly landing.

The back up boat.

Arriving back on the mainland.

View out the front of Bess from the campsite.

10.30pm, reflections on the water.

Back to Lerwick tomorrow to catch the 5.00pm ferry back to Aberdeen.

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