Sunday, June 16.

Set off for a walk from the campground this morning to check out the scenery on the western side of the isle. Absolutely amazing. Much of the walking was over spongy peat bogs, but the rugged coastline views were worth it.

High on a hilltop…….

Lake at the top of the hill. Water drains out of the bogs.

More of that amazing coastline.

Gnome on the mount. I am not going any further.

The hills are alive…..

Just another island off the coast. There are over 100 islands in the Shetlands.

Civilisation at last.

Stopped at the wooden mills, but being Saturday they are closed. Bugger. We have noticed that lots of things are closed Saturday and Sunday.

Headed off to look at a series of horizontal water mills used to grind grain. Water flowing out of the bogs was directed down through the three water mills.

Scene of the engine room, grinding stones are on the floor above.

This is where the stones would have been. Only one has been restored.

In need of a bit of work. Great stonework though.

This shot is the sun at 11.45pm

The moon at the same time.

Now midnight and Phil cursing the sun not going down and moon rising over Bess, or is he looking for those otters?

Will head to Toft in the morning to catch the ferry to the isle of Yell for the day.

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