Saturday, June 15.

Woke up this morning to this view. Early morning fret or sea mist which will burn off quickly. Interesting to note that the Shetlands is only 60 miles from north to south, but has over 1500 miles of coastline.

Headed off today for the Southern most tip in the Shetlands to visit Sandburg Head and the puffins.

Interesting occurrence on the way south. We had to drive around the airport, or most of it anyway. Where else does the road cross the apron of the main runway, and have traffic lights to stop the traffic for aircraft to take off.

Lovely drive down, through rolling countryside and great views. Arrived at Sandburg Head and donned the warm clothes as there was a slight breeze blowing.

Having a whale of a time. It’s only nine degrees.

The rugged west coast.

Lighthouse in the distance. We have to walk up there.

Lots of guillemots.

What a blast.

A radar unit was stationed here during the war.

Inside the radar station.

Flowers even grow in this extreme climate.

This is what we actually came to see. Puffins.

They are just amazing and we were lucky to see them up so close. About a metre away.

The sea mist has cleared, the wind has dropped, as we headed off to see the Old Scatness Broch. Wouldn’t believe it, Saturday it is closed. We wandered round and took some photos anyway.

Next stop, the Crofthouse Museum. Fingers crossed it is open.

This is what you call a boat shed.

Peat store for heating and cooking.Doors are really low.

Bed anyone?


Door through to work area.

Heated grain dryer.

Tools for cutting peat for heating.

Whale vertebrae used for chopping.

They would have lived hard back then.

Headed off to look at the largest tombola in the UK. It’s a natural sand and shell landmass connecting the mainland to an island. We walked out to the island, about half a mile.

Note the ocean on both sides.

Bess parked up for the night.

Whale bones on the breakwater beside the marina where Bess is parked.


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