Thursday, June 13.

Left camp ground at Banchory and headed to ferry port at Aberdeen for the 14 hour trip to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands, with a stop off in Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands on the way.

Leaving Aberdeen and pretty ordinary weather. Has been raining all day.

The old harbour tower.

And the new harbour tower.

Finally out of the harbour and into a three metre swell with high winds.

I found a new business, sea sick bags. Don’t know if they ran out but it must have been a close call. This three intrepid travellers missed out on the ordeal.

Stop over in Kirkwall, 11.30 at night, to off load and take on passengers.

Onwards to Lerwick.

Friday, June 14.

Arrived in Lerwick, much to the liking of many passengers, even though the sea began to flatten the closer we came to the Shetlands.

Unloaded Bess, that’s her in the distance and then back on board for breakfast. There was a distinct lack of participants we noticed.

Off for a look around Lerwick.

This was in the harbour, one of 125 that will visit this year.

Fort Charlotte has stood guard over the city for centuries.

One of the locals who was totally ignorant of us. He stood about 40cms high.

Downtown Lerwick. Not so locals.

Mind boggles.

Coats gives an idea of the early morning temperature.

Good advice.

The town square.

Array of chimney pots.

Great use of plastic bottles.

The old and the new.

Off for the afternoon on a bus tour of the main island.

Family of mute swans.

Man made Loch.

No trains in the Shetlands but this fellow makes up for it.

Shetlands series watchers will recognise these buildings.

Great expanses of water.

And this.

And this hotel as well.

Norse inspired houses.

Stopped at this stud to look at why the islands are called what they are.

All Shetlands are chipped, catalogued and had a passport.

Five week old Robby.

And with mum.

Stopped at Scalloway castle and museum.

Inside the museum.

This was amazing. The Shetland bus, actually a ship or ships, was delivering arms to Norway and bringing war torn refugees back to the Shetlands.

Su and I actually visited this when we were in Norway in 2015.

Scalloway from above.

Back on the bus and into Lerwick to collect Bess and head to camp at Levenwick to the south of the main island.


  1. Looks a bit cold there – even for shepp people!
    Two years today since we were all at shuttleworth – where has that time gone.?
    Where do you go next.?


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