Wednesday, June 12.

Headed across to Balmoral, the Queen’s summer residence, from August to October.

Swiftly flowing river at the front of the estate.

They wouldn’t be smiling if they knew how long the walk was to the castle from the front gate. Around a mile.

The drive is lined with these magnificent pines from the US.

This tree was a sapling during WW1.

No prizes for guessing what these are.

Model of the castle complex.

Just some of the many carriages on display.

Some shots of the castle. Unfortunately the public does not have access inside the building as it is a Royal residence.

Grounds are beautifully manicured.

Round house where the venison is hung.

Weather here today was typically Scottish, plenty of liquid sunshine, and windy. Lucky it is summer.

Of to a campground on the way to Aberdeen, where we catch the ferry tomorrow to the Shetland Islands for four days.

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