Saturday, June 8.

Off to Whitby today, with a stopover at Goathland, up on the Yorkshire Moors, the village of Heartbeat fame and Harry Potter.

Another one bites the dust. Lovely Daimler.Scripps garage. Just as it was.

The Aidensfield Arms.

Railway station used in Harry Potter.

Looking up the line towards Pickering.

Down the line towards Whitby.

Not sure who was entertaining who.

Likely lot.

The Hogwort Express arriving backwards.

This is the front.

Phil trying to get served in the Aidensfield pub.

They won’t see me if I stand near their car.

On the road again down off the Moors, to check into the camp ground at Whitby and then a quick cab ride into the village centre.

St Mary’s church and Whitby Abbey on South Head.

Steel replica of Cooks Endeavour. This was not here last year.

Life onboard the Endeavour.

The Masters’ office

Ships surgeons room.

Lt Cook busy at work.

Platoon of marines provided security for the ship.

Ahoy me hearties.

Who’s turn up there today?

Required provisions.

A foul weather day.

Panorama of Whitby.

The remains of the abbey after Henry VIII got at it.

Whitby from the new bridge, looking east.

Tides out.

Multi award winning restaurant. Given the name we just had to have dinner there. Obviously Phil was impressed. The magpies are the league team in Forbes.

The market square.

Long, narrow and not so winding road.

Must have run out of money here or the architect drew it too close to the edge of the page.

Sculpture dedicated to the fishermen of Whitby.

Kathy, remember this store.

And just for Meika.

Looking back up towards the top of the old town.

6.30, time for dinner at the aforementioned Magpie cafe followed by a cab back to Bess.

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