Sunday, June 9

On the road again and seeing that Phil hadn’t been in a castle yet, we decided to stop off at Banburgh Castle. May as well start with one of the biggest.

Rather imposing.

Yes, they do have white, sandy beaches.

Looking towards the keep.

Horse stables are now a bar.

Main building.

Farne Islands a stones throw off the beach.

Holy Island with Lindisfarne Castle and priory to the north. Only accessible by road at low tide.

Inside the old kitchen.

Just some of the furnishings in the kitchen. This clock was built in1704 and still working. Correct time.

Amazing enamel inlay table. Each piece of enamel is bordered by gold.

Inside the grand hall. The ceiling comprises 300 tonnes of Thailand oak.

The ornate work around the painting of The Card Players, was designed specifically for the painting.

This curtain was amazing. Photos do not do it credit.

Just love an arch.

And staircase.

Found this wench along the way.

The village of Banburgh from the castle.

Every castle needs some weapons.

Rustic ceiling on one of the staircases.

Queen Mary’s signature.

First it’s a table, then it’s a chair, then a table again.

Village green. A fair to the right and croquet to the rear.

18th century refrigerator, ice box.

Scullery maid in action.

In the depths of the dungeon.

Couple more shots of the village.

King Phil, with his lunch, ready for the battle.

Ice creams demolished, its off to Edinburgh.

Arrived at camp ground next to Roslin Chapel, set up and caught bus into the city. After all it’s not dark until 10.00pm.

A wander up and down the Royal Mile, passing the Cathedral.

Su and Phil at the top of the mile.

Preparing the castle forecourt for the tattoo.

Found a great pub for dinner with a couple of local ales. Surprise, surprise.

Dinner over we wandered back down the mile to catch the bus back to Bess.

Sun going down over Edinburgh. Did I mention that it was 10.30pm?

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