Friday, June 7.

We all slept in this morning, 9.20. Oh well, we are on holidays. Caught a cab into York, first stop, York Minster.

Plenty of restoration work going on and evidence the Romans have been here.

Inside to view the magnificence.

When we were here two years ago, this window was undergoing refurbishment. It is the size of a tennis court and is the largest medieval stained glass window in Europe.

Section of a Roman column showing the masons marks in the following three shots.

Choir stalls and religious seating.

Bishops pulpit.

Some of the carvings and ceiling in the Chapter House.

Tower in the monster, 65 metres up.

Wandering off into the old city.

Where are we?

Fancy that, Aussie gin.

It’s not even Christmas.

Into the Shambles. Named because that’s where they used to slaughter animals. Look for the hooks outside the shops. That’s where they hung the animals to drain the blood ect.

There’s a bear in there.


Off to the Norvic Centre. The arrival of the Vikings in York.

Shots showing the remnants of the Viking village.

Life in a Viking village.

Fossilised human excreta. No wonder the owner died.

Next stop the museum. Spotted this on the way.

The tower of the old fort.

Life in York through the ages.

Compare the difference in school rules.

Enough fabric?

Thinks he is a teacher.

Off for dinner at a local and then back to Bess.

On towards Whitby tomorrow.

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