Thursday, August 10.

Back on the air again.

Dropped Linda at Heathrow last Friday after a whirlwind tour of the UK, and Paris. She was a lot of fun and reminded us why we call Australia home. Song there I think.

Back into Kings Cross to catch the train to Nettleton. Spent a few days on R&R, as we had not stopped for about eight weeks.

Bit more work on the house with the obligatory visit to the Princess Diana hospital A&E after head butting a steel bracket on the wall. All good, superglue is magic stuff. The proper stuff Ursula.

Obligatory fish and chips in Cleethorpes.

Today we headed for Edinburgh for the Tattoo and Fringe Festival. Will be a great four or five days.

Su shots along the way. Some great scenery.

What does this sign mean? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

Arrived at camp ground next to Roslyn Chapel where we stayed eight weeks ago. Off to the Fringe Festival and Military Tattoo tomorrow.

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