Thursday, August 2.

Came back on the Eurostar last night, tad weary but we have a full day in London today. Here we go.

Interestingly painted building outside Kings Cross station.

Love the shape. Architect thought outside the square.

I bet their necks are sore.

Needs no explanation.

Bit of colour on a drab landscape.

Charge, he is heading toward Westminster.

The Bishops Palace, next to Westminster Abbey.

The Royal High Courts of Justice.

The unmistakable dome on St. Paul’s.

Very interesting concept, usually curtain walls are on the outside of the structure, but here it is the obverse.

More of the traditional. Stone on stone.

Wonder where he was going?

Love a reflected building.

What a great design.

Remnants of a Roman wall opposite the Tower of London.

This guy is having a bit to say. Something along the lines, friends, Romans and countrymen……..

The dreaded Tower of London, which Cromwell used with great propensity.

They call it The Shard, the tallest structure in Western Europe.

All Hallows’ church spire. Obviously the gardeners are on strike.

This building, not a spaceship, is commonly referred to as the suppository.

No, not an optical illusion, but a great use of and knowledge of material properties and structural dynamics.

Ye Old Tower Bridge, painted this colour for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Looking up the Thames.

Council building, referred to as the helmet.

Lovely lines. They knew how to build them.

They still do, again thinking outside the box.

This is pushing the envelope.

Great name for a hospital, as well as being the Princess Diana hospital, but unfortunately it has now been turned into apartments for the rich and wealthy.

Stopped under the railway bridge at Waterloo station. Great engineering from the past, but look closely and can be seen to be in need of substantial renovations.

Symmetry and balance in action.

The Palace of Westminster, better known as the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben currently undergoing restoration work.

The London Eye, sponsored by some well known soft drink company, who also own SPC. Great views from it a couple of nights ago.

Front gates of Lizzie’s place.

Statue or fountain on the roundabout outside the palace.

Felt sorry for him, it was hot and dry.

Sorry madam, but she has gone to Balmoral. Are you sure you didn’t get your dates mixed up?

But she said she would be here.

They make me stand here for hours carrying 16kgs of stuff, and you expect me to smile too. What planet are you from?

Who said Unicorns were fantasy?

She had an impact on many lives.

So we will walk in the park.

Some enjoying the sun.

Prince Albert memorial.

Off to Kensington Palace to check on Will & Kate.

Finally at the palace. Foiled again, no Will & Kate, even Harry & Meghan are away too. These royals have the life, invite people over for the summer and then head off to Scotland.

Oh well, better make the best of it. Queen Victoria actually grew up here as she was only 5th in line to the throne when she took over.

Her legend lives on. More later.

The stand in Queens doing the paperwork.

Very clever, The skylight operates on both levels.

The Queen dons her crown.

Couple of spares.

Queen Victoria’s toys.

And her cradle.

Her toy box also.

Oops, am I caught. It wasn’t me!

The Grand Staircase.

Not Versailles, but pretty good.

Did have a few Tintoretto’s though.

Servants stairs.

Another skylight over the servant’s stairs.

Wonder what’s behind that lovely oak door?

View out over the lake.

The devil made me do it.

A relief on the ceiling.

These were a bit too fancy for me.

This looks like a domed ceiling, but is actually flat. Great optical illusion.

The royal throne where guests are received.

Lovely barley sugar dining suite.

And metal cabinet.

The ladies room.

A very large wardrobe.

Tapestry showing where they come from.

There was an exhibition of dresses previously owned by Diana, Princess of Wales. They were all amazing and extraordinarily beautiful, but there was one outfit which typifies Diana and who she was. Scroll down.

Disappointed, this was the outfit she wore when she visited the minefields. Say no more.

Back on the bus for a bit more sightseeing. More of those manifest buildings.

Marble Arch, which used to be at the entrance to Buckingham Palace, but was eventually moved here.

Interesting statue.

Looks like the place to be.

Even more interesting statue.

Westminster Abbey bathed in sunlight.

Memorial to Women in War.

Lord Nelson on his pole looking towards Southhampton.

Earl Frey.

This lovely sculpture is outside St Michaels in the Pines. Says it all.

Statue to Dame Edith Cavell, a nurse who lost her life in WWI.

Bit of shopping in Oxford Street, and then down to Carnaby Street for a look and dinner.

Ah Will, are we keeping you up?

Long day but still smiling.

Dinner over, we walked to Piccadilly Circus for a look and catch the underground back to Kings Cross.

Seventy years of Lotus.

Yep, time for bed.

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