Monday, August 13.

Quiet day yesterday as rain has finally stopped play, so spent the day in.

Today we headed into the city to soak up more of the Fringe Festival.

Lots of street performers along the Royal Mile, covering all types of genre.

Someone should tell him that his monkey is missing. Will, we wondered what you did in your spare time.😉😉

This bloke has been out in the weather too long.

The weather has certainly not curtailed the crowds. As the Scots say, ‘it’s not raining, it’s just liquid sunshine.’

Took in a couple of shows. This young Canadian, Matt Watson, was very funny.

As was Maxine James, a 62 year old comedian from Dublin, who is touring Europe on her push bike.

Linda, this shows you a typical Scottish, summers day. Bet you are sorry you missed it.

Booked a couple more sessions for tomorrow, so a feed and rest up for another exciting day.

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