Monday, July 30.

Decided to leave Bess at camp ground and go to Paris. Yep, that’s right. Cab to Market Raison, train to Newark and another train to London Kings Cross. Will stay in London tonight and then catch the Eurostar train to Paris.

Linda flys home on Friday. Slight change of plans. Old engineering proverb, ‘if in doubt, do it’, or, long term planning in a nutshell.

First leg over, safely arrived at Market Rasen station.

Oops, where is his other hand Linda? Two kids on other side holding hands.

Carriage awaits. That’s about all it is too.

Break neck speed. V Line could learn a thing or two.

Bit off a comedy, high speed has caused our rocket ship to use water. Needed a top up. New use for traffic cones, jugs and a stray bucket. Had to see it to believe it.

Finally arrived at Newark, just enough time to dash across overpass, collect tickets and dash back over the overpass to board train. Water issue nearly caused chaos.

Onto the Edinburgh to London train, now we are cruising. V Line, this is not a profit margin, it’s actually called speed. Translated that means fast.

Passengers seem happy.

Safely arrived at London, Kings Cross station.

Short walk to the accommodation. Becoming regulars now.

Stood in line for tickets for ages. Finally boarded after 1.5 hours. What great views, amazing sunset and extraordinary company.

St. Paul’s.

Happy travellers.

Horse Guard and St James palaces.

O2 Arena.

Palace of Westminster.

The Shard, The UK’s highest building.

Is with the Palace behind.

Back to earth.

Feed time, off to Wagamama.

Great food. Down to the underground to catch the tube back to Kings Cross. Early start for the Eurostar to Paris in the morning.

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