Tuesday, July 31.

Early start today, need to be at St. Pancreas International by 7.00 to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Wouldn’t you know it the train would be 1.5 hours late leaving as it had a/c problems before leaving Paris earlier. Not leaving now until 9.20.

Wrong platform Linda.

Yes guys, we are finally on our way.

This looks like the right one.

Didn’t tell us we had to bring our flippers and goggles.

How long do we have to hold our breath?

At this speed, not very long.

Wake up kids, Paris.

Laughing now, weren’t when we found out we would be late. Need to clean the bugs of it for more speed.

Off to find our hotel, Mademoiselle’s.

All settled, on the bus for a tour of Paris.

Gare du Nord where we arrived.

Opera house, rather extravagant.

Napoleon Bonaparte on his column, and on just about everything else.

Neo classical everywhere.

Moulin Rouge.

Pyramid outside The Louvre. For all you Dan Brown followers.

The River Seine.

Notre Dame cathedral.

Greek style church.

Lovely fountain.

The Arc d Triumph on The Champs-Elysées.

Pillar on St George’s bridge.

The Princess Diana eternal flame.

No guesses, Eiffel Tower.

Statue of Joan of Arc.

Dinner here, great fare.

Sacre Cur Cathedral.

Church at night.

Want one of these.

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