Sunday, July 29

Woke up this morning to typical English weather, it was bucketing down. Looks like their Indian summer is over. Never mind, we did the English thing, out in the rain to have a look around.

York Minster in the distance. Yep, but wet.

Don’t know how many times I have photographed this building, but still impressed me.

Say this with a mouth full of marbles.

In Aus, the black and white building would be condemned.

A wander through The Shambles, a medieval market street.

Diversion into a collectables shop.

Love the mouse painted on the stairs.

Cat climbing the wall.

Now this is old, this construction would not survive in Aus.

You could pass notes across the street without leaving your house.

Lots of tourists, despite the rain.

Lunch at great building.

Off to the Minster for a look through. Why Minster you ask, although it could be seen as a cathedral, it does not have a bishop’s chair, so therefore a Minster. Cathedral or not, it is an amazing building. Enjoy.

Magnificent windows, which are currently undergoing a massive restoration.

Find these in the window above.

This was used to store the ministers robes, 800 years old.

Magnificent cross.

On to Nettleton, where we are off to Papa Joes, for dinner again with the Perry’s.

Then the film night at Haz and Jules.

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