Monday, July 23.

Ok, who guessed the mystery item? What do you do with two screwdrivers, an empty plastic bottle and some insulation tape? Still none the wiser. Pom Pom maker. Needed them for a scarf that Su had knitted for Linda. Have to be innovative when you are touring.

Headed back into Dublin on the bus, but on the way it started raining. Can’t complain, first real rain since we came over in May. Unable to take many photos due to the rain.

These two characters were here last year.

House of Lords.

Now this is a door. Back door to parliament.

Tuckered our in Temple Bar.

Founders monument.

Inside the GPO.

Could only happen in Ireland. Introduced trams, but they were too long and blocked intersections when they stopped.

Parliament from a different direction.

Looking down Fleet Street.

Another bridge over the river.

Looking across to the north side.

The original Gaol.

This is actually the Museum of Modern History.

St Andrews church.

Housing on the way back to camp.

What to do with a lock when there are no boats. Kids swimming.

Back to Bess and off to the nearby Green Isle pub for dinner. Of towards Belfast and the Giants Causeway tomorrow.

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