Tuesday, July 24.

Arrived back at camp last night to find our new Aussie friends, who we met in Bath, were staying here also. Chatted this morning before we left and discovered they would be in the same camp ground in Belfast. Who is following who?

Set out on the 280km trip to the Giants Causeway, one of the longest trips we have done with Linda. We will then travel the 110kms back to Belfast. Should be thirsty and tired by then.

Stopped at Magheracross on the north coast for lunch. Great views, and could even see the island of Islay, off the coast of Scotland.

Looking west along the coast towards County Donegal.

Remains of Dunluce Castle, dating from the Iron Age.

Giants Causeway in the distance.

On to the Giants Causeway. This is the third time we have been here and still blown away by it. This is nature’s work at its best. The stones are either five, six or seven sided. 40,000 stones formed 60,000,000 years ago.

These are around fifty feet high.

This stone in mythology is the giants shoe which he lost when he ran back from Scotland, being chased by the Scottish giant. It is Ireland you know, and they believe in Leprechauns.

Great place to relax also.

Rock stack below the giants pipes.

The giants pipes. The tallest is over 125 metres.

Friends, Romans and Irishmen lend me your ears.

Anything you can do we can do better.

Drew Baglin you would be in your element here. Stones everywhere and all uniform.

The main causeway leading to Scotland.

Looks like something out of a story book.

Not touched by human hands.

I don’t wanna go home.

Could have sat and watched this for ages. So peaceful.

Great backdrop with the towering cliffs behind.

Notice that tops of the stones are either convex or concave.

Devils gateway.

Scotland across the water.

Back to Bess and on to Dundonald in Belfast, and then to the Japanese restaurant over the road. What a great day.

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