Sunday, July 22.

Woke up this morning to pea soup sea fog. Struggled to get my toothbrush in my mouth.

Cross country to Dublin today, around 280kms. One side of the country to the other. Pulled into Camac Camping, into reception and the girl behind the counter said, ‘the Aussies are back again’. Third year in a row, or we must have done something memorable.

Quiet sit while we wait for the bus into the city centre.

Quiz, who knows what this is? Answer in tomorrow’s blog.

A wander around the streets of Dublin.

The Spire, the largest free standing structure in the world, at 121 metres. Also called locally, The Rod to God, the Spire in the Mire, and The Erection at the Intersection.

The GPO, where the Easter Rising occurred on the 24th April, 1916.

One talented individual. Oil painting on the footpath.

Looking down the mall.

The spire up closer.

Stopped in at the Church Cafe Bar and Restaurant, for dinner, music and Irish dancing.

It actually used to be St Mary’s Church, founded in 1697, and was only the second parish on the north side of the River Liffey. It took its name from the medieval monastery that occupied most of the north side of the river from 1139 until its dissolution in 1539. The original Viking town of Dyflin was built on the south side of the river in the 10th century while only a small community lived on the north side. This community expanded greatly in the 17th century at which point the parish of St Mary’s came into existence.

This is truely a magnificent building inside. Even the massive organs has been kept intact, and played to this day. History lesson over.

The music and dancing was craic. Irish for good fun.

Left there at 9.30 and headed across to Temple Bar.

Gaz trying to ride the bull.

Crossing from north to south over one of the many bridges across the Liffey.

Su took Linda for a wander through Temple Bar. Took them a while as it was packed.

Headed down to the Badass Bar of O’Tielen game. He is still playing great music there Hans.

Waiting for the bus. I said hop on and I will take your photo. This they did, and in unison began to sing, ‘Row, row, row your boat.’ Kindergarten teachers, you cannot take them anywhere.

Bus finally arrived and back at camp around 11.45, after along day driving, eating listening and watching. Back into Dublin tomorrow.

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