Sunday, July 8.

Drove this morning to the end of the Isle of Mull at Fionnport, to catch the ferry across to Iona. Thirty eight miles of very challenging roads. We had the first rain last night since we arrived in the UK, and today has that might rain feeling about it.

Gives an idea of how narrow the roads are.

This bridge is very tight. Shot later shows a coach negotiating it.

More of those coos.

Yes it looks like a bush track.

Bit of civilisation.

A coo up close.

Looking from Mull across to Iona.

Sorry Bess but you have to stay behind. Only locals cars are allowed on the island.

Arriving at Iona, as many pilgrims before have. Iona is where the Book of Kell’s were written, and moved to Ireland with the threat of invasion by the Vikings.

This is the Main Street.

A metal coo.

The Iona retreat Centre.

Inside the centres chapel.

Great windows.

Looking across to Mull.

The former nunnery. List of who actually stay here is interesting.

Lovely red rock.

Plenty of crosses on the walk to the monestry.

The Hill of the Abbott, where St. Columba’s hut sat and where he undertook all his writings.

Medieval stone road known as the Street of the Dead, as the funeral processions walked this road to the cemetery.

The oldest cross on the island.

The Cross of St John stands outside the chapel to St Columba.

Inside the Abbey.

This chap faces the pulpit. Mind boggles what the Mason was thinking.

Truth or myth?

These stone and cross mark the position of monks graves and the stones, found with the skeletons are believed to represent how many years they spent there.

Door to the bell tower. Very small. The ferns are allowed to grow in the monestry as they remove water.

Standing on Barnaba’s hill.

Stone which used to hold the cross on Barnaba’s hill.

Some new tenants.

Inside the Iona parish church.

Ferry arriving to take us back to Mull. Interesting that Iona is an island, off an island, off an island. Think about it.

Crowds on the way back.

We have a convoy.

This is the bridge from earlier. Bit tight.

These photos were taken at12.15am.

Monday, July 10.


Today we head back to Nettleton to collect a few things before we go to London to collect Linda.

Arn you get around.

Bit of ironwork on the way to Nettleton.

Long drive down the side of Loch Lomand.

On to Nettleton for a couple of days rest before collecting Linda from Heathrow.

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