Saturday, July 7.

Before we left Fort William, we went to look at a church that has a stained glass window containing a relation of a friend Belinda Liggins, from Shepp. Wouldn’t you know it, shut. Took photos anyway.

Looking down the High Street.

Great advertising for Lincoln.

That done, we headed out to the only gondola lift in the UK, to ride to the top of the Nevis Range.

Round the side of Ben Nevis.

And onto the gondola.

Amazing views from the top.

Enjoying the sun even though slightly breezy.

This strange little structure is the starting gate for downhill mountain biking.

These temporary residents of the planet.

More of those views.

Back down the mountain and on the road to Oban, on the west coast to catch a ferry out to Craigmure, on the Isle of Mull, where tomorrow we will catch another ferry out to the Isle of Iona. Past more lochs and mountains.

Crosses over and under this bridge on the Loch of Creran.

Past ye Old Inn.

Across another iron structure over the same loch.

To arrive at Dundtaffnage Castle on the shore outside Oban.

From the rugged battlements of this strategically sited castle it is easy to see how it once dominated Loch Etive. Outside the ramparts lies a ruined chapel and well kept gardens.

Built by Duncan McDougall in the 1200’s, the castle was captured by Robert the Bruce in 1308. Flora MacDonald of Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, was imprisoned here after helping Bonnie Prince Charlie escape Scotland.

Check out the basalt rock the castle is built on.

In the courtyard.

Holes in wall are evidence that the castle was three stories.

The fireplace in the kitchen.

Rather elaborate well.

Going down?

Church in the garden.

There’s a fairy in the garden.

Headed into Oban to catch the ferry. Saw this interesting arrangement at a service station. Laundry on the go.

Wended our way through town. Looks amazing, will have a better look on Monday when we return.

Interesting structure on the hill.

Onto the ferry and off to Craigmure on the Isle of Mull.

Off the ferry and find the camp ground, and settle in for the night. Oh, spot of dinner at the pub across the road first.


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