Friday, July 6.

Trip round the Isle of Skye today. Was going to stop at the Old Man of Storr, but as you can see the traffic and parking was horrendous.

So we headed on to Kilt Rock. A natural rock formation resembling a kilt.

Ooh, they are big!😟😟

Kilt rock. Might need to use your imagination.

We have seen all modes of travel.

Yep, another Loch.

Someone has used their imagination.

Here too.

Back on the narrow roads again.

A few of the locals. Blacked faced sheep.

Graffiti, even in this out of the way place.

Interesting roof on this house, watch the following video.

Phone Box in the middle of no where.

Onwards to the ruins of McDonald Castle.

Lovely view.

Great views from the ruins.

Thems decent hills in the distance.

Remnants from a bygone era. Thatched, stone cottages.

Couple more locals.

Another village on another Loch.

Back on luxury again, divided road.

Scottish cows, pronounced ‘coos’.

Cute bridge.

Built on a rocky outcrop on the shores of Loch Dunvegan, Dunvegan is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland, and has been the ancestral home of the Chiefs of Clan MacLeod for 800 years. Still in current use by the family. Think they are up to the 30th Clan Chief.

The family motto.

Rather imposing entrance.

Family crest.

Couple of notables have been here.

The lairds bed.

Dinner anyone?

Now this is an oak sideboard to treasure.

Great library chair. Unsure, scroll down.

Another thermometer still working.

Great sky light.

Everyone has a room where they can idle away the hours, maybe not like this.

There is a story behind this flag. Known as the fairy flag, legend has it that when the banner is unfurled in battle, the Clan MacLeod will defeat their enemies.

Steps down to the water.

Not every family has a locomotive named after them.

Views of the back of the castle.

Not bad defences.

Castle done, a wander in the garden. Past a meandering stream.

Every kid would love one of these.

This kid couldn’t resist it.

Largest monkey puzzle tree I have seen.

They sure know how to grow plants. Not a bad partarre.

Lovely flowers.

Check the colour of these pine cones.

On the road again.

Next stop Dun Beag, a pre historic fort dating between 1900 to 2500 BC.

When we climbed to the top, Su got a fright because this young girl was asleep on the grass.

Off again towards the ferry.

Passed through the amazing Cullin Mountains.

Caught the ferry from Armadale, Isle of Skye, to Malaig, Scotland.

Video of Scottish coastline.

Camp grounds near Malaig were full so we decided to keep going to Fort William, about 35 miles. One of the many rail bridges between Malaig and Fort William. This carries the steam train we travelled on last year.

Not the Finnan Viaduct but impressive though.

A rarity, not pine trees.

The Devils Staircase, on the outskirts of Fort William, which is a series of locks, that raises vessels from one Loch to the other, a vertical distance of 138 feet.

Ben Nevis, at 1343 metres, the UK’s highest mountain.

When we were here last year we camped opposite. Was taken when we arrived. Note Ben Nevis in the background.

Ben Nevis, bit different to last year. It was covered in mist and rain.

Long day in the saddle, but totally enjoyable.

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