Thursday, July 5.

Another day of rugged mountains and endless lochs, with amazing views.

Stopped at the top of Glen Docherty to take in the view.

Loch Maree in the distance.

What a great view down the valley.

Not so windy today.

This young fella just turned up and started playing.

This is the third time we have run into these guys in the last week. Camped beside them at Thurso, next in campground At Durness and today here.

I have to say, you never get sick of the scenery.

No traffic for ages and all of a sudden this.

After all that traffic we had to stop for a break and a look over Loch Carrann.

And it was truely worth it.

Wouldn’t you know it, a coffee truck. The travel fairy at work.

Signs either side of Bess explain how tight the roads are.

On the road again.

Unexpected stop.

Another stop at Loch Alsh. This is the stretch of water that divides the Isle of Skye from the Scottish Mainland.

Bridge of Skye in the distance.

Panorama of Loch Alsh.

Here we go, leaving one island for another.

The climb is reasonably steep to slow tall ships to pass under.

This scenery just keeps on coming.

Small waterfall on the way.

One of the small inter island car ferry’s, coming in.

Only 400 metres to the top.

Quaint old bridge.

Destination in sight.

At last we are here. Now to find the camp ground.

All parked up for the night. Will continue our look around the island tomorrow.

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