Monday, June 25.

Woke this morning to see a van similar to Jono and Merryn’s, parked opposite

Headed into Elgin to look at Elgin Cathedral, but in the way stopped at Spynie Palace, the former home of the Bishops of Moray.

For nearly 500 years, the Bishops of Moray relaxed in this majestic building a short distance from their cathedral at Elgin. It even had its own bowling green and tennis court.

Different looking gun ports.

Well and small square hole above it where the kestrel family lived.

Happy looking chappie.


A very intricate ceiling.

This trapdoor, located in the main dining room, leads directly into the wine cellar. Must be holy wine.

Hole in wall show where the different floors were located.

Guards bedroom.

Stairways to heaven.

Views from the top of David’s Tower.

The RAF base beside the camp ground where we stayed last night.

Panorama looking South.

Looking down on the castle from the tower.

What remains of the Firth which used to run right by the palace.

The baking oven.

Sink which flows outside the palace.

Kestrel which fledged two days ago.

Job done, into Elgin Cathedral.

Now the cathedral.

Interesting reading.

Examples of intricate carvings.

PICT stone from the 9th century. The Picts were an early Scottish natives. There are many of these spread across Scotland and there is real certainty as to what they tell us.

Inside the Chapter House, which has remained intact over the centuries despite the efforts of the reformation and fires.

This little monkey also appears in York Cathedral, which supposed that they were both carved by the same Mason. Apparently they would specialise in particular animals or flowers.

Speaking of Masons, we were able to find quite a number of Masons marks. This was how they determined who was paid for each piece. Each Masons mark is particular to him.

Close up of some of the carvings.

Climbed to the top to gaze out over Elgin. Yep Susie did too.

Would have been a magnificent structure in its day.

Lighthouse in the distance is where we camped last night.

Back down, we headed across to Johnson’s of Elgin Cashmere Mills.

Yes it did cost money. More stuff for the sewing room. Headed back to Bess and continued on our northern track.

Stopped of at the largest PICT stone in Scotland.

Crossing over the the Moray Firth, Cromarty Firth and camping for the night beside the Dornoch Firth.

Sunset at 11.55 pm.

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