Tuesday, June 26.

Continued north today. Late start as we did some washing and cleaned Bess inside and out. Was starting to look a tad dirty.

On the road and we weren’t the only ones.

Lots of huge rock mounts.

More quaint villages.

Gates in sight.

Wouldn’t like to have to take the bins out.

Fairly large edifice, which is still lived in by descendants of the original Sutherland’s.

This place is opulence personified.

This young lady was playing in the music room.

Obviously you only render the outside where people can see.

Fire extinguisher.

Great flowers.

Even has its own elevator.

Bust and painting of Mary Queen of Scots.

These mugs say it all.

Magnificent old fire engine.

Doesn’t get any better for deer hunters, 15 point head.

The back yard from the patio.

These are huge plants. Giant rhubarb.

The castle looking back from the gardens. But Walt Disney like.

Saw these in the car park on the way out.

Headed to Cairn Liath. One of Scotland’s most impressive prehistoric structures. Amazing, given that it could be 2,300 years old.

On to Barbra clearance village. These villages came about because lords, like the palace we just visited decided that it was more profitable to farm sheep than collect rents from the farmers, so they were displaced to remote, untenable lands. This is one such village, although now abandoned.

The place is so desolate and windswept. Animals and children had to on a lead so they were not blown away.



Cotton weed.

Heather and peat bogs both sides of the path.

Stopped near a cemetery to take some shots of the coastline.

Two fire towers on the coast. Used both for navigation and warning of approaching danger.

Stopped at Dunbeath for the night. Dinner and a couple of local ales at the nearby watering hole.

Small mansion across the bay.

Sunset, 11.20.

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