Saturday, June 23.

Headed off this morning up the valley to Lizzie’s summer residence at Balmoral. Over fast flowing rivers,

through rolling hills,

past soaring hills,

another village,

round tight bends with buildings on the corner, this is a main road,

to finally arrive at Balmoral Castle. Wouldn’t you know it, just in time for morning tea.😉😉

Crossing over Balmoral Bridge,

And up the long driveway flanked by a variety of pine trees from the USA. Pence Albert acquired the seeds on a trip to America.

The front gates.

Supposed to be imitating a squirrel.

Yes you do have a small butt.

This round building is where the deer are cleaned and hung., hence the antlers around the outside.

The palace garden was growing food for the arrival of the Royal family in August.

Lichen, reindeer food, growing on the fence.

With some help from nature.

Arbor leading out of the garden.

The garden house where Queen Victoria spent many hours.

Wetlands behind the garden house, designed by Prince Phillip.

The castle from the garden house and garden.

Stables and collection of Landrovers.

Hand operated hedge trimmer.

Gauge used for measuring the volume of timber in a tree.

Presented to the Queen on her golden jubilee.

The Royal Standard.

Brian Daws, eat your heart out.

Different views of the castle. The only room we were allowed into was the grand ballroom, but photos were not allowed.

Clocked up a few k’s walking around. Post a few postcards and on the road again.

Heading up over the Cairngorms National Park towards Huntly. Notice how green it is. They have not had rain for weeks, they are starting to worry about crops drying out.

Passed through this place.

Arrived in Huntly, left Bess at camp ground and walked into town for dinner. Past a castle which was closed, will go back in the morning. Magnificent old bridge in the way.

Under the arch leading to the college.

Into the town square.

Well fed and lubricated, we headed back to Bess for a good nights sleep.

2 thoughts on “BALMORAL CASTLE

  1. So they let the pleb’s into the ballroom! Very interesting pictures , but there seems to be a lack of people…
    And you said “no rain”, but those clouds looked black and wet!
    Thanks you for the tour and pictures… keep well. Love from us. XXOO


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