Friday, June 22.

Fair bit of road work today. Left Perth this morning on the way to Aberdeen. Quick stop in Dundee on the way.

Railway bridge on the River Dee.

Not a bad effort.

Left Bess at park and ride and caught bus into Aberdeen. First impression, lots of construction and rehabilitation going on. Second, everything is grey. Grey stone, grey cement, grey everywhere. Even modern buildings are grey.

Town hall, don’t be deceived. This is a modern building.

Coats of arms of the historic families on city hall.

One of the many churches which were not open due to renovations inside. Did we miss something, or has there been a disaster here in recent times?

There were lots of these vessels in the port. Not sure what they carried. Bridge was right at the front of the ship.??

Another of the many railway bridges.

Slightly unimpressed, caught the bus out to Bess and onto the camp ground. Off to Balmoral Castle tomorrow.


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