Wednesday, June 20.

Today we explored the Royal Mile, the road which leads from the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queens official residence, up to Edinburgh Castle.

Started off at the Scottish parliament building. This is a magnificently designed building which reflects the culture of Scotland.

Built into the external walls are a series of quotes.

On up the mile.

Next stop the Cannongate Kirk, the Kirk of Holyroodhouse Palace and Edinburgh Castle.

The Royal pews.

Noticed the shields in the last photo, our next task on the royal mile was to look for Shoemaker Close. These gave us a hint.

Next stop, to find this close. Why, Because a , Eliza Annie Atkins, who married Joseph Ebenezer Horsey, great grandmother of Su on the Horsey side, came from here in the early 1700’s. Bit of investigating online last night gave me the street numbers, 195-197 Cannongate.

Wouldn’t you know it, it was being repaired.

Shot under the plastic.

Then I remembered that it covered three buildings, so looked further up the street, and guess what? There it was. Just like online last night.

Check out the date.

Shots showing area where close is located. Close is not far from Cannongate Kirk.

On up the mile.

Interesting spot this. It is where the old city wall finished, and given that people did not travel far thinking the walls were the end of the world.

Brass rectangles on road mark where old wall was.

Some of the other closes which are still open.

An old wellhead.

Into the Museum of Childhood. Will jog a few of our memories. I found some toys there from my childhood.

If only this little bear could speak.

These performers were on the mile.

Next stop, St Giles Cathedral, the High Kirk of Edinburgh.

Purchased tickets for the Military Tattoo on August 11, date means something I seem to remember. Off to get some wool, the machine has run out. Not this way.

This way.😟

Past this.

And this again.

The Firth of Forth in the distance.

Wool purchased, time to catch the bus back to camp, after another long day.

Stopped in at the Rosslyn Inn for a little refreshment, before walking down to Bess.

This guy was on the wall. Robbie Burns.

On walk down to Bess, passed this.

That’s Rosslyn Chapel in the background. Off to there tomorrow. Short walk, about 200 yards.

2 thoughts on “THE ROYAL MILE

  1. Congratulations on finding Shoemakers Close! Impressed by the combinations of wood and Steel in the Houses of Parliament! Our thanks for this tour of Edinburgh, many memories. Now Rosslyn!
    Keep well and enjoy August the 11th…
    Love and best wishes, XXOO


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