Tuesday, June 19.

Caught the bus down to Leith on the shores of the Firth of Forth, to view HMY Britannia, formerly the Queens palace on the water.

After sailing over a million miles during her fourty four years of service, she was decommissioned in December, 1997, and since then has been a permanent display in the Western Port at Leith.

Binacle off the aft deck.

Wheelhouse, which is under the bridge to protect it from attack.

Captain on the bridge.

Captains quarters.

Rolls Royce stored on board for official occasions. To fit in the garage, the bumpers were removable.

The Queens suite.

The Dukes suite with an inter-connecting door to the Queens suite.

The Queens day room/office.

The Dukes.

The only double bed on the ship, dubbed the honeymoon suite. Also used by visiting dignitaries.

The ante room, main lounge and dining room.

The day room, where the royal family relaxed.

The grand staircase.

The spotless engine room.

Infirmary, including operating theatre.


Hello sailor.

Looks familiar. Stickers on a sailors locker.

Some of the crews accommodation.

Sleek lines.

Royal motor yacht, which is carried on board.

What a great experience. A bygone era. Britannia is the last in a line of Royal ships which date bake to the early 1600’s.

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