Thursday, June 7.

Have spent the last three days at Scarborough, which is on the Yorkshire east coast. The area can be traced back to Roman times with the remains of a Roman fort inside Scarborough Castle.

Su and Bess at the camp ground, with Scarborough in the background across the bay.

What is left of Deans road prison. Now the council offices.

The Tennyson hotel. Wonder if he was ever here?

A row of Mariners homes.

Shots of St Peters church.

Off to the castle, or what’s left of it. Initially it was a Roman fort and lookout, then Viking lookout and finally, Scarborough Castle.

Evidence of a Roman Fort.

Scarborough Castle.

What’s left of the keep

Remains of the lodgings

Red tiles at rear of fireplace reflected the heat outwards

How many feet passed this way?

Remains of St Mary’s chapel.

View looking north towards Robin Hoods bay.

Looking from the castle down over old Scarborough.

St Mary’s church where Anne Bronte is buried.

The figure above the doors is carved in wood.

Check out how far back it goes.

The Grand Hotel, dinosaur from a bygone era.

Lots of school children on the beach.

There is a hard way and an easy way up from the beach.

We took both.

I have seen some small Police stations, but!!

Gaz, can I have it, it’s the right colour.

Campbell, is this a family thing. Read the sign.

There was actually surf.

After a great three days we head north to Whitby, the step off point for Captain Cook on his voyage to Australia, but more on that later when Lynda arrives from Aus.

Off tomorrow to Saltburn by the Sea, to deliver presents to presents from Aus to Naomi( former Shepp girl), and her family.

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