Monday, July 11.

After a slight hiccup, circuit board in fridge decided it had had enough. Given it was only three hours drive back to Nettleton and knowing that we had a reliable repairer, we dashed back so the board could be replaced on Saturday.

Yes that meant a bit more work on the house, Think he might have a wind problem!

Slight wind problem.

gin and jazz at the Sali, pub, on Saturday night, and wings and wheels, biggest pile of non descriptive materials I have ever seen, on Sunday. See photos.

Bit over the top.

Tim Russell, this looks right up your alley.đŸ˜‰

Light relief, a few birds of prey.

Some interesting cars.

Very cute.

Lindsay Black, reminisce.

It is cute.

Told you it was eclectic.

Headed out this morning, north, on the way to Scotland. Stopping in Durham for a couple of days to investigate. Both well and enjoying it all.


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