Saturday, June 2.

Spent the day in York and fortuitously, they were celebrating 65 years reign of the Queen.

Walking along the bank of the Fosse, we noticed these.

On further investigation, we discovered they would be having a 21 gun salute at 12. Off for a cups and then to the botanic gardens.

The band came along.

A’s did the Artillery crew.

Hitachi was there too, including the Lord Mayor of York. (Alas, the grand old duke was not there, but the band played it anyway).

Twenty one gun salute was held with military precision.

That done, God save the Queen and dignitaries left. Just a note that the Lord Mayors car is a stretched Volvo S60. Not many of those.

Off for a wander through this historic walled city.

They were at least here in spirit.

York Minster, cathedral, in the distance.

Lots of lovely buildings.

St Michaels Belfry, where Guy Fawkes was christened.

Headed for the Shambles Market area.

Notice the hooks on the wall. This is a former butchers shop, where animals were killed and hung and butchered in the street, which is about two metres wide.

Obviously they did not know about straight lines or right angles. Actually, many of the buildings were built by shipwrights.

As the sign says.

Off to Duttons for buttons. Notice the restaurant next door, The Russell’s!

Yes, and a fabric shop.

Will head off towards Scotland early next week. Both well, and need a rest from building work.

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